This NFL Civil War between Jerry Jones and the rest of the owners in the Goodell contract talks is a difficult follow. It’s like watching a game between the two teams you hate the most as they fight for playoff position. You can’t really win. But you also can’t really lose. You just have to sit back and hope as much damage occurs as feasibly possible.

We don’t know that much detail. It just seems like Jones is salty about the Zeke suspension nonsense and is now throwing a temper tantrum, billionaire style (aka sue everyone and throw money around). I have zero sympathy for Jones as he was probably all over punishing Brady and the Pats for deflategate. A lot of Cowboys fans hate the likes of John Mara for the collusion punishment, but frankly I feel 100% confident in saying that if the Cowboys and Jones hadn’t gone against the colluded terms and another team had, he would have been perfectly fine with punishing that team the way he was punished. (This isn’t me excusing the NFL & Mara for the collusion stuff, that was BS, but Jerry deserves no sympathy just for being on the receiving end).

Jerry Jones is a hypocritical old man asshole. He’s also a buttmunch. His kid took over GM duties because he was so dumb. Watching his support of Goodell during deflategate come back to bite him like this is amazing and watching a billionaire try and threaten other billionaires who aren’t scared of his tiny little goblin face is amazing. If he gets crushed by the league (which most seem to agree is the likely scenario should this escalate) then it’ll be amazing. He won’t get kicked out of ownership (That was obviously just a shot across the bow to get him to stop) but it will still be great.

And yet part of me wants him to win. I hate Jerry Jones and his major influence is part of the reason the NFL is so money driven now and why so many things are wrong with the league, yet watching him destroy or at least damage the NFL in this fight would be amazing. Why? Because fuck Roger Goodell and fuck the NFL too. Especially Roger. Even as an ownership puppet he’s the worst. Roger Goodell is asking for 50 million dollars a year AND A LIFETIME PRIVATE JET. Seriously. A private jet. For life. Not just for his tenure as commish, for LIFE. He wants the NFL to buy him a jet. I doubt he gets it but the fact that it’s even on the table as part of a negotiation, holy moly.

Goodell, ya chinless dickweed, you don’t deserve a private jet. Especially for how bad you’ve messed things up these past years with Rice, Brady, etc. The league feels like it peaked and is now starting to struggle under itself because of you and your bosses being too obsessed with money to pay the product any mind.

So I have no horse in this race. No matter who wins, the league will continue to slide and the people in charge will be greedy. I just want to see the sparks fly. The league could collapse, football would survive in some other form from the ashes. I want to see some fire and brimstone. Preferably by January so the Eagles good season gets ruined in the process.

Jerry, if you do enough damage to ruin the Eagles good season, I could almost like you.