When Dave contacted me about doing a comic for his amazing comic The Draw Play I jumped at the chance. Dave is super sexy and handsome and would probably make a really good football commissioner so it was an honor to draw a comic for him. I cannot speak enough about how great he is.

I decided to make my comic about our “coach” Ben. Ben is a big poopy face. Last year I wanted to play hard for him, but this year I realized he eats ketchup packets from McDonalds for breakfast and that’s gross. Benny likes to sit in his office watching the Big Bang Theory and slurping frostees from Wendy’s.

I wanted to put a lot of effort into this comic, but I had to make a business decision. Why use all my comic skills up now when I can save them for my career as an artist after football? As my hero Deion Sanders would say, “Effort is bad and dumb”. I loved Deion. He really knew how to not tackle. I feel I did my best to honor him this past week when I gave up two long touchdowns by barely even trying! I even got my teammates into it. We all want McAdpoop to get fired.┬áDRC keeps trying but only so another team will give him plenty of dough next year. JPP got paid so he was happy to Mary J Oblige.

Can’t wait to do nothing tomorrow when we play the Chiefs. Gonna be great!
Thanks for having me, Dave!