The Chiefs should be ashamed of themselves.

The Giants are now 2-0 in games against the AFC West when the team is coming off a bye. With these important factors being the deciders the Giants are now destined to go 2-14. Great stuff!

The fabled “Andy Reid after a bye week” mystique is officially over. This was the Chiefs worst game of the season. The team that beat the Patriots in week 1 no longer appears to exist. The mighty defensive line was held in check by the Giants patchwork line (which has honestly improved as of late). The Giants defense played genuine inspired football, making my previous comic immediately wrong. The offense still sucked, but a lot of it was on Darkwa and Gallman not catching passes. Shepard wasn’t playing so the team had to rely on the practice squaders. Roger Lewis ended up making the catch of the game and probably of the season on the game winning overtime drive.

I still can’t believe 3 different players threw an interception in that game and none of them were named Eli Manning. Even as a massive Eli apologist that astounded me. Just trash gameplans from both teams. I was flipping between the Giants/Chiefs and the Skins/Saints and it was essentially like watching Goofus and Gallant of football quality. One game was outstanding in every way, and the other was a war crime.

The Chiefs have really slowed up. After beating a serious group of quality teams (Pats, Eagles, Chargers, Watson Texans, and the Skins, who are all okay to great teams) the Chiefs have slid off a cliff against average competition. I actually think the Chargers might be a dark horse to come out of nowhere and make the playoffs. I think people have written LA off but they look capable. 2 wins behind the Chiefs and closing fast. I don’t pay close enough attention to KC to know really the extent of the problem, seems like a secondary issue and Andy Reid getting too cute with Alex reverting back to regular checkdown Alex. Chiefs fans feel free to explain the problems in the comments, I’m curious.