Happy Thanksgiving! We all need to treasure Mark Mariota while we have him for just another week.

Marcus Mariota doesn’t drink. Mark Mariota prefers a smooth scotch.
Marcus Mariota drives a smart car. Mark Mariota drives a truck.
Marcus Mariota holds the door open for the ladies. Mark Mariota not only holds the door, but he personally cut down the tree and made the door itself.
Marcus Mariota enjoys a good surfing session in the waves. Mark Mariota believes the only thing that belongs in water are the fish that he catches for dinner.
Marcus Mariota always carries proper ignition tools to start a campfire. Mark Mariota knows how to make a campfire with just a leaf and a rock.
Marcus Mariota plays for the Titans. Mark Mariota plays for the Oilers.
Marcus Mariota goes back to Hawaii and enjoys the beach on holiday. Mark Mariota prefers his cabin in the Montana wilderness.
Marcus Mariota loves Leslie Knoppe. Mark Mariota likes Ron Swanson.
Marcus Mariota owns up to his mistakes and takes responsibility. Mark Mariota doesn’t make mistakes and the world simply conforms to his actions.
Marcus Mariota doesn’t love country music, but he gets into it. Mark Mariota can’t stand the way popular country music has become large stadium anthem pandering to a tractor life none of the artists truly live, and prefers to play his own guitar.
Marcus Mariota only cuts the turkey if no one else wants to do it. Mark Mariota always cuts the turkey, and nobody ever even tries to suggest someone else do it.

Holiday Travel will keep  me from finishing a comic for Saturday, sorry dudes. Enjoy the leftovers!