The second comic I ever made  was about the Rams/Skins RG3 trade, and now, 1 comic under 500, I again get to make a comic about an insane trade involving the Rams with an upset Dan Snyder punchline. The more things change, the more they stay the same, etc. This was completely unexpected and it got a little overshadowed by all the WARRIORS AND KOBE news from the previous night, but it shouldn’t. It’s weird. in 2012 we got a rare event: an earth shattering trade with consequences we could mull over over years. Who would win? The debate was pretty intense. The Skins got a QB. The Rams got a buttload of future potential. A lot of people picked the Rams as the winners at the time, myself included (I was not high on RG3). Time has sort of vindicated that viewpoint. Or has it? The Rams have gotten some great players with those picks, but they have yet to reach the playoffs once and they haven’t turned into that “scary team” we kept saying was right around the corner. The Skins? They got a playoff season immediately out of RG3, and despite the following drama they managed another playoff season last year, with his backup. So maybe the trade was actually a wash? The Skins did get to play a much easier division in those years, to be fair, while the Rams have to contend with the rising Cardinals, dominant Seahawks, and formerly dominant 49ers. But the Rams have Jeff Fisher, the most mediocre coach of all time.

So now we get to see what would happen if the Rams were on the other side of that trade. Wentz or Goff is no RG3, but the Rams are pretty much a solid QB away from possibly competing. Well, a solid QB and a more competent coaching staff, and a better owner. So the Rams lose the ability to build some more, but maybe they get to draft the final true missing piece. The cynical part of me wonders if the Rams did it to get some publicity and hype because you don’t want to start your first season in Hollywood using Case Keenum and Nick Foles. Now you got a new guy to build up!

The Titans are more interesting than the Rams. The Titans are a mess, but they have a QB to build around. They have some pieces already in play. This could work out really, really well for the Titans, if they play their picks right. Of course, they are still coached by Mike frigg’n Mularkey, who’s ceiling as a coach is probably Jeff Fisher.

I’m pretty pumped about this trade because the draft just got way more interesting. Do the Rams take Wentz? Goff? Do the Browns take the other guy and we have two years straight with 2 QBs going 1&2? The 49ers now don’t have a chance of nabbing the leftover top QB unless they trade up. Who will take Christian Hackenberg in the 5th? These questions need answers.