Told you I had a Podcast in the works! I’m happy to finally announce it.

You can listen to the first episode of the Draw Play Podcast (title pending) right here!

Disclaimer before listening: Don’t expect a high gloss quality production. Yet. It’s two guys talking for an hour with questionable audio quality. But the fact is, me and my co-host (fellow KSK refugee Sam Greszes) just wanted to get this in motion, current level of quality be damned. The plan right now is to make it a weekly thing. This podcast was recorded on Monday night, so a few of the things we talk about are already out of date. I hope to get them up on Wednesdays to add some inbetween comics #content.

Right now we have no structure. It’s just us chatting about football stuff for an hour. But I want to add some segments and I’m mostly making this post so I can get some immediate feedback on what you guys would like to get out of it. I was thinking about having a “listener mail” segment where I can answer some of your questions, and also doing a segment called “Idiot of the week” where we pick someone who did a dumb thing related to sports that previous week and then we shit on them for 10 minutes. I didn’t do that this time, but my pick for this first episode would have been the 7 suing Pats fans. Maybe a brief segment where we pick 1 team each week and talk about that team specifically. Since it’s run by a couple of former KSKers, I also hope we can get some of the other former members on board for future episodes, but that goal remains to be determined.

So. Listen to it, try not to judge too harshly (Neither of us really know what we are doing yet), and try to come up with some ideas. What should I call it? (Do you have a good title pun? I love a good pun). What sort of things should we talk about? Are there specific things you’d like us to do? Segment ideas, I’m open to it all right now. It doesn’t even have to be football, explicitly.