There was once a point in time when I felt bad for Josh Gordon. Sure, he had some issues and should probably stop smoking that devil weed if he wanted to have a career, but the NFL’s attitude about pot is incredibly outdated and one of Gordon’s tests was failed by the absolute smallest degree and yet it still screwed him over. I’m perfectly fine with NFL players smoking weed. It doesn’t help their performance at all, and if anything probably helps them deal with the lingering pain they suffer from violently slamming into each other every Sunday for our amusement.

But I think Gordon has worn out any good will he had left at this point with the most recent news that he failed another drug test in his effort to get reinstated by the NFL. I mean my god man, take a freaking break for just a bit. He could be making untold millions of fat stacks and lighting up stadiums with sick catches if he could just, you know, not smoke pot for a bit. It’s safe to say he’s a moron at this point and we should probably stop considering him as a football player and start thinking about him as that pothead who put up great numbers one year when he wasn’t quite as stoned. Gordon and Johnny Trainwreck deserve each other. Maybe one day someone will wander down a back alley in Cleveland and they’ll see a homeless man pull a sick juke around another hobo and lob a wine bottle 40 yards downstreet to a hobo running a post route. And that someone will have that faint ping of nostalgia where you know that you know something, but you can’t explain why or how. Then that someone will get mugged and shot because don’t wander down back alleys in Cleveland.

Lastly, I’m more proud of that pun in the background of the first panel than I am in most full comics