Is it just me or has this offseason been full of arrests? We had Justin Blackmon blow 3 times the legal limit, Aldon Smith screwing up again and again, David Diehl getting smashed and proving he can’t even block his own liver from getting sacked.

Then what feels like the entire Lions roster gets arrested for weed. Adrian Peterson, a normally upstanding individual gets arrested for resisting arrest (What? Sounds like racism to me) , and in the past week Dez Bryant hits his mother and Elvis Dumervil flashes his gun at people.  All this and no Brandon Marshall news? Oh wait, he allegedly hit someone back in March outside a club. There’s the Marshall we all remember.

On the bright side lovable lunk Rob Gronkowski has been all over the place just Gronking it up like the meathead he is. Nude for ESPN, dating game show appearances, a complete boycott of shirts, the man is everywhere.

And T.O. is broke and friendless. I almost pity him. Almost.