What if Sean Payton was actually a victim of his own hidden bounty scheme? What if it was all planned? What if aliens? What if nobody actually exists okay Im just getting stupid now. I got nothing, this was just a dumb joke theory strip. I want to draw disheveled Sean Payton at home more because the idea of him sitting around the dinner table alone at night eating lean cuisines and making drunk calls to Drew Brees will never not be funny to me.

He tucks himself in at night with the lombardi trophy softly muttering “It was worth it, it was worth it my sweet”, before falling asleep and dreaming of Roger Goodell laughing maniacally and stepping on him.

Anyway, made a few updates to the site. I have a Twitter and facebook share button now, located to the right. Also updated the entirety of my Manningface collection and my Nike Redesigns, next to the gallery buttons at the top. I also threw a few new pictures in the gallery itself, so check it out.