Looks like this old comic I made was proven to be the word of god all along.

The Pope officially blessed the Saints this past week! I guess they are now officially on a mission from god. It kind of explains how good the team is. They should be mediocre but Teddy is keeping them scraping by during these trying times. The Saints are battle tested and hard. They are well coached and set up for success. I can’t wait to see how our lord and savior fucks them over in the playoffs this season.

Big ups to the pope’s social media team for not understanding hashtags. I guess that’s to be expected. They aren’t gonna stick a Wendy’s-esque group of teens in there to have the pope give clapback tweets. Honestly if the church wanted to be hip with the kids they’d have the pope tweet dank memes instead of covering up priest misbehavior. Priorities.

I did like the sheer coincidence of the pope giving the Saints his support at the same week the Cardinals beat Atlanta in two different sports. I’m not religious man but…maybe Tebow was onto something. Truly the powers at be hate Atlanta, that’s what I take from all this.