Ah the ol’ drinking hole of Injured Reserve. It’s been too long since we stopped by. The place is popping this season. Aaron Rodgers, David Johnson, Odell Beckham, Julian Edelman, Tannehill, Allen Robinson, Joe Thomas (RIP), JJ Watt again…and good old Carson Palmer is back.

Carson Palmer needs to just go away. Just retire. The old fart has nothing left but bones of probable osteoporosis. He had his final swing in 2015 and missed it. He went total Jake Delhomme against the Panthers and hasn’t been good since.

Quick aside: what is it with the Cardinals and old QB playoff crapfests? The Cardinals get old fart Warner on his final run, and Jake Delhomme comes in also on his final good run and then “Pulls a Jake Delhomme” and the Panthers get destroyed in the playoffs against the Cards. Then, in 2015, Carson Palmer, an old fart on his final run, goes against the Panthers in the playoffs, and pulls a Jake Delhomme. It was like a weird reverse justice. Also the Cardinals played Ryan Lindley in a playoff game once. Against the Panthers, who were 7-8-1. These two teams need to meet in the playoffs more often because really funny things happen.

Anyway Palmer should hang ’em up. He’s super old and frail and I think 90% of fans would have pointed to him as a prime candidate for “turning into a pink mist after a hit” by week 10. I think Palmer, like Rodgers, is capable of coming back by season’s end, but unlike the Packers it probably won’t be worth trying. The Cards are old and Larry “Best Butt in Football” Fitzgerald can’t carry Drew Stanton (or god forbid Blaine Gabbert) to success. Hang it up now, see if Bruce “look at my dumb hat” Arians can salvage something from what’s left next season provided he doesn’t have a heart attack and die. I mean, David Johnson will be back. That’s something to work with.

Aaron Rodgers would totally be good at darts and be smug about it.