This is one of the darkest comics I’ve ever made and I think my thought process on making it was worth sharing.

-Comic about fog, lets make a comic about the fog game
-what if it is just 4 panels of grey mist with a funny word bubble at the end?
-What if it is just Al and Cris in the booth unable to watch the game, so they just say “Uhh, Pats win…23 to 7 or something? Nah, just made an Al & Cris booth comic last week, shouldn’t do that again”
-What if it’s a Pats fan who can’t see the game and gets hit by a stray pass?
-What if the Pats fan is a poor person who saved up weeks of his paycheck to finally see a game live, and can’t even see the game?
-It should actually be a Falcons fan, since the Pats won
-What if the Falcons fan isn’t poor, but sick, and trying to see a game before he dies?
-What if it is a child doing a make a wish, and can’t see the game?
-What if the sick child then dies, unable to see the game?
-Nah, killing the kid is too obvious, need a twist
-What if I kill the sick kid’s parent instead of the kid, and leave the kid an orphan for his presumed final moments?
-If I take this any darker I might get reported to the FBI

And there you go. The darker the idea got, the funnier I found it. That’s how you end up with a comic about a small cancerous boy becoming an orphan at the hands of a rival team at a football game he’s not even able to watch.

The Falcons are very bleh this year, what a downgrade in offense. Why did anyone think Steve Sarkisian was the right replacement for Shanahan? Actually seems like the Saints are primed to take the division now that they appear to have found themselves and everyone else in the division being inconsistent at best.