I’m really proud of this stupid Broncos comic so I hope ya’ll enjoy it.

The Broncos started strong and seem to be fading. The Defense, so hyped up after 4 games, comes out against a Giants team starting literal street dudes at WR and a guy with a name so clunky you are constantly wondering if you are missing a syllable at RB (Orleans Darkwa) and shit the bed. Orleans Darkwa ran for over 100 yards on a team that stuffed Melvin Gordon, Zeke, LeSean McCoy, and Beastmode for less yards combined. Okay, trap game, the Broncos looked bad on all phases, it happens.

This past week the defense was back up to snuff but the issues with the offense have begun in earnest. Trevor Semen looked good in game one and has declined ever since and was actively terrible against the Chargers the second time around. He put up okay numbers against the Giants, but sucked in the red zone. The offensive line is an injured mess of a thing. Trevor Simian is sadly probably still the best option? Kind of?

Brock sucks. We know this. Brock won’t be any better if they put him in. Paxton is still hurt (I think) and honestly under this O-line probably should keep resting because he won’t be good. Sims online is an obvious stop-gap QB, so may as well sacrifice the dude. The Broncos almost traded for Colin Kaepernick last offseason, kinda makes you wonder what everything would look like right now if that happened. Do they draft Paxton in the first? Does that make Dallas grab Paxton instead (I read they wanted him and not Dak)? Does Simeon even end up with a job? This is a crazy potential league we could have had, but rest assured the Browns would probably still be a mess.