Week 2 of Guest comics brings us Trevor Siemian by Spilly, frequent Draw Play menace. Well start with his words


So Trevor Siemian is the new quarterback for the Denver Broncos, which pretty much no one expected except for Sam and any other Northwestern fan in the world. As this site’s Broncos fan corespondent – I think the fanbase is pretty on board with it. No one wanted Mark Sanchez – though we all assumed there would be a year of him while Paxton Lynch was being groomed to take over. Rumors are going around now that they’re accelerating Paxton’s development – so maybe using Siemian is a cash move (though so far, Sanchez remains on the team), or maybe they’d rather have two young possible starters to compete for next year. Whichever way it works, it’s pretty much gravy for fans, who really aren’t going to complain a lot a year after winning the Super Bowl.
Oh and yeah his last name is either ejaculate or the 9 millionth Harambe joke on the Internet.
Lastly, big shout out to Dave, who is getting married last week. You and I have been pals now for about three years now, and I’m happy you’re taking this awesome next step. You’re a good and cool dude, which is totally true and definitely not irony Twitter speak.


If you’ve been listening to the podcasts you know this news makes Sam extremely happy as Trevor is a Northwestern grad. In fact, even though I’m writing these words on August 31st, I’m sure Sam has wasted valuable airtime on this week’s podcast talking about it some more now that I’m not there to reign him in.

I really don’t know what to say because I am seriously writing this so early and I’m afraid by the time it goes live Mark Sanchez will be a Viking because they needed a replacement after Teddy died. If that happens, just remember, Dave called that shit. If it doesn’t happen, well, Draft Experts are always wrong too.

The Broncos really are kind of screwed. As much crap as we gave Peyton last year (Much of it deserved), the one thing you can’t deny was that he still had his own brain. His body may have been a soft overcooked chicken parm but he still had that tactical brain of his that knew how to run an offense. Siemian, Sanchez, and Paxton may be physically more capable, but none of them have that brain. So while at first glance it seems like the Broncos will be fine because they kept the defense intact and didn’t need a QB last year anyway, they kinda did and Peyton won’t be as easy to replace as we first thought. I expect at least.

The AFC West will be an interesting division to watch. The Chiefs and Broncos are both playoff caliber teams. The Raiders seem to be on the upswing and many people argue they could also compete for the playoffs. The Chargers feel like a disaster but Rivers, Gates and Co. are good enough to make things interesting at minimum, if they can stay healthier than previous years, especially at O-Line.