Welcome back my reader friends to the Guest Comic show that never ends, we’re so glad you could attend; come inside, come inside. For the next three days (Wed-Thurs-Fri) This site will have the honor of hosting the final Too Much Mustard’s ever. Too Much Mustard, as longtime readers might remember, is a glorious stick figure comic made by Rob Press, who I have collaborated with once before. His hosting site went down, so I have no links to his amazing archive but I’m currently working through a way to possibly host that archive on the DP somewhere, so stay tuned on that.

Rob no longer has time to make TMM, but gladly accepted a chance to give the comic a true send off. His work was an inspiration to my own and I greatly admire the quality of humor he was able to get out of mouse drawn stick figure people and I wish I could execute a joke half as well as he does. So thanks Rob, It’s an honor to have TMM on the DP.