So the NFL instituted a new rule: you cannot celebrate or taunt “at” players of the opposing team. Honestly the rule is very ambiguously worded, going to lead to a lot of crap fines and penalties, and was total BS to begin with. While I was totally behind the Runningback crown helmet rule change, this one is just stupid. It’s going to prevent the defensive players from celebrating a good tackle or sack, I can see it coming. If Jared Allen gets a flag for his hog-tie celebration, I will likely throw my beverage across the room, pick it up, then throw it again.

On one hand, the NFL wants extreme professionalism from it’s players. I kind of get that. This is a business, they are trying to represent the league with utmost credibility. They don’t want things to devolve into antics and jokers. On the other hand, completely stifling any sort of celebration or expression of emotion leads to an extremely boring product.

The NFL needs those inventive personalities. It makes it interesting. Seeing their creative celebrations and sack dances gives us people to connect to, to hate, to love. T.O. wouldn’t have been half as interesting without his celebrating. Deion Sanders would have been boring. Can you imagine Primetime stifled by today’s rules? I hated Deion Sanders when he was playing, but I loved to hate him because of how much he showboated and acted like a ponce. He was great for the NFL.  Trying to stifle personality is stupid. Let the players do their thing. Let them celebrate (within reason of course, there are limits) It puts on a good show. Are we not entertained?

One more thing. Group celebrations should be allowed. Not only would that make for some cool stuff, but Football is a team game at heart. No play is ever made by a single person. None. A running back should be able to celebrate and dance with his lineman. A punt returner with his blockers. There is no good reason why only the scoring player can do anything.