Good news guys. The NFL understands how diseases work. They don’t fear it. They understand it. All they have to do is make sure post-game interactions are minimal and that nobody swaps jerseys this season. That’ll keep our Covid from spreading. Yes. In a game filled with near constant human contact and heavy breathing, keeping the players from swapping jerseys will provide the security we need to make sure our football season goes smoothly. It just makes sense.

My belief that an NFL season will go down in flames if it even happens at all continues to be unwavering. Nothing that has happened in the past month has changed my mind that this is a good idea. The country is getting worse. The disease is spiking again. The people at the top continue to demand we risk pointless death so they can make even more money. Why is Disney open? Because the suits at the top (who are very financially secure) could conceivably shut the parks down and still pay everyone in the meantime have decided that no, they are going to risk their employees lives and the lives of every dumb shit who thinks masks are oppression and can’t wait another year to see Star Wars land because they want your money. Do not die for the mouse. People are literally going to die because they had to ride splash mountain one last time. It’s fucking depressing.

But that same dipshit capitalist “Money over Everything” mentality is going to give us a disaster of a football season at this rate. Instead of asking whether we should even have a football season (At this rate? no, we absolutely should not), they are trying to find these half-assed ways to take some some basic precautions and call it genuine sacrifice. Will keeping the players isolated work? Probably not. The NFL playerbase is just as full of self-important individualists as your average town. Many will take it seriously. Many others, like human turnstile Bobby Hart, will not. Those folks will be the reason infection breaches the bubbles and ruins it for everyone. College football is going to be even worse. We probably shouldn’t even be allowing colleges to open up, and kids without a developed sense of their own mortality will absolutely make this worse.

I don’t want a year without football. I miss sports. I hope desperately that enough people get their shit together and take this seriously enough soon enough to halt and handle the problem like many smarter countries have. But I just can’t see it happening right now. We’ve fucked it up so far, and we are still continuing to open up and fuck it up even harder. I’d rather lose football for a year than have another 100k+ Americans die and many many more saddled with mental, physiological, and emotional scars because a bunch of billionaires wanted to make even more money they don’t need.