According to the NFL, masks will be required at all football games this season!

Good! Masks are vital to the current climate and wait a fucking minute the NFL still planning on letting fans attend games this year?

Some states have officially already banned fan attendance in stadiums (New Jersey especially, insert Jersey Giants/Jets joke here), but apparently that isn’t the case overall? I know the NFL wants that money but…uh…really? This late in the game they are still being this dumb? The sport itself isn’t even safe enough to play without significant risk and they still want to let fans come to games as long as they wear a mask?

What’s extra gross is that anyone who has been to a football game (or any large scale sporting event) knows that enforcing this mask rule would be complete folly. They might be able to enforce it at the entrance gate, but once the people are in the stadium? No chance. Is security going to spend the entire game pointing out people without a mask? Will they kick anyone out? How will concession stands work? This is a complete joke of a restriction because it requires everyone to be on board with masks and their effectiveness, and our country is full of Uncle Kevins and Aunt Karens who think masks are reducing their oxygen intake (they aren’t) or a liberal conspiracy to infect you further (they absolutely aren’t).

Smart people will have enough brains to stay away from any sporting events till we get through this, but that just means the stands will be full of mostly the idiots who refuse to acknowledge what is happening. In this case we can’t just let them infect each other though, because those are still human lives at risk and they could carry home the disease to people less immune to it. People shouldn’t have to die of a preventable disease because Uncle Kevin just had to see his Bengals play the Ravens.

If we get the vaccine out, it works, and we get things under control by the later season games, then maybe this can work. Right now, under current situations, we shouldn’t even have a season let alone let fans go, masks or not.

Have a great weekend! Washington Football Team and Seattle Kraken comics should be on the docket for next week now.