I imagine when Dan Campbell’s name first came up you had one of two reactions. The first might have been “who the hell is Dan Campbell?”. The second reaction you might have had was “wait…Dan Campbell the buff guy from Miami who looks like the guy from south park?” The answer to that of course, was yes. That Dan Campbell. This isn’t even the first Draw Play about him. Dan Campbell was interim head coach of the Miami Dolphins 5 years ago. He did not get the promotion to full time and has spent the last 5 years as “assistant head coach and tight ends coach” in New Orleans. You are absolutely forgiven if you forgot or never knew he existed.

Well everyone knows who he is now after a nonsense introductory press conference where he talked about kneecapping players (by biting them!) and getting punched in the mouth and smiling. I’ll tell you one thing: Dan Campbell will very likely be very good at motivational speeches. I wanted to run through a brick wall for him just from the clips. If he has what it takes besides motivational violence essays we are going to have to see.

He’s a weird hire for sure. I don’t think Campbell was on anyone’s radar. He has not called plays or taken the usual route to HC like most coaches. He feels like this year’s Joe Judge, a dude nobody even anticipated or knew about suddenly getting hired because he nailed the interview and speaks like he would eat you if he wanted to. Is he a diamond in the rough? He could be. He actually does have brief head coaching experience in Miami and has spent several years as an assistant to one of the best coaches in the league. I think the deciding factor will be the thing that sinks or swims most coaches: who are his staff? Who does he hire as OC? DC?

I also wonder how well the bluster will hold up long term. He has a 6-year deal, which seems insane for a guy who wasn’t hotly sought after. If the team doesn’t turn around I hope he’s got something else in his repertoire other than LETS PUNCH EM OUT. Rah Rah speeches lose their luster pretty fast if they aren’t working. I have no idea what the Lions are doing and Stafford might still be out the door so I guess we’ll have to keep our eye on this franchise.

Tune in Saturday for a bonus comic that was originally going to go up today before I got inspired to do this one!