Man this past week or two has been insane with everything that’s happened. Tons of players moved. WHERE WAS ALL THIS DURING THE DULL MONTHS, NFL. WHY COULDN’T YOU TRADE JERMAINE KEARSE FOR SHELDON RICHARDSON IN JULY SO I WASN’T MAKING STUFF LIKE THIS.

Anyway yeah, no way I’m getting to all the trades that have happened, so much has occurred and football is for real backsies this very week. So I’ll probably do a Brock joke. Maybe an Aguayo joke. We’ll see what happens.

Sheldon Richardson to the Seahawks for Jermaine Kearse was probably the biggest news of last week. At first glance it looks like the Seahawks fleeced the Jets. Kearse is okay, but Richardson is a massive talent and is going to bolster a great defense. Then you remember that Richardson was incredibly disgruntled in New York (Gee who wouldn’t want to play for a team openly tanking) and Kearse was one of Russell’s few decent receiving options and your opinion might change from “The Seahawks fleeced the Jets” to “Oh right, the Jets are fleecing themselves”.

Richardson will be happy in Seattle and play well. If he can’t be happy in Seattle on a defense like that under a players coach, then he’s just a diva troublemaker and his career is going to be him getting traded around after he pisses off management enough. Kearse is the victim here. The poor soul who is probably best known for making a crazy SB catch no one remembers because of the INT two plays later is now doomed to catch passes from the likes of Christian Goddamn Hackenberg. Christian is so bad he makes other Christians want to be atheists.

Off-topic, but I’m pumped about the IT remake and IT is my favorite book of all time. Outside one little bit near the end (That everyone who has read it knows about and hates) I think it’s perfect. I’m a massive Stephen King nut and although I don’t have a chance to read much these days I still make time to read his books on airplane rides. The original film with Tim Curry is kind of shit (outside Tim Curry who is still the best) so I hope this new movie does a better job. It certainly looks the part.