Dan Campbell is a giant hulk bro stereotype and I already love him. He is an amazing character and I hope to god he turns the Dolphins around because I just want more Dan Campbell. I want all the Dan Campbell. I want as much Dan Campbell as possible. Dan Campbell owns. He’s a far cry from the tasteless oatmeal that was Joe Philbin and maybe he can make the Dolphins fun again. The Dolphins are no longer a bland team I ignore. Now that’s the Vikings. Hey Vikings, do something interesting for once.

When Campbell was promoted someone on the Dolphins subreddit pointed out that Campbell looks frighteningly close to Buff Dolphins Fan, the guy I always draw as my surrogate example of the Dolphins fan. That’s pretty damn amazing. Some people told me to draw Buff Dolphins Fan simply as the new coach, but I won’t. Buff Dolphins Fan is a real human being and the guy behind┬áthe F.A.R.T. blog. So if Dan Campbell appears in the comic some more, he will probably appear in the gym getting sick gains with Buff Dolphins Fan.