The situation the NFL is finding itself in right now is hilarious because it is simultaneously the most predictable thing that could be happening and also one of the things they were completely gifted the advantage to plan against. The NFL season ended right under the wire for when the infection really started to hit America. They escaped unscathed with such a narrow margin of victory that some people claimed the 49ers losing was ultimately good since the ensuing parade would have infected people. The NFL was Indiana Jones, sliding right under the closing door in the nick of time.

Then, gifted with 4 months of time to study, plan, and execute based on how the disease was going, they sat on their thumbs and now the big boulder has spent that entire time rolling downhill on them and pretty soon they’ll be squished be flatter than the curve in countries that aren’t America. Basketball and Hockey had it rough. They had to wait and figure out what to do for the final games. Baseball had it rough, they had to figure out how to execute a shortened season. The NFL had 4 months to study everything, learn as much as possible about the virus and how other places and industries were responding, and they basically just twiddled their thumbs hoping it would be over by now.

As soon as it became clear Covid wasn’t leaving anytime soon they hired some health experts to figure out how to start camps and make it work. The experts laid out plans and suggestions. The NFL didn’t like what the people they hired suggested, so they are just ignoring them. It was so dumb that the players organized a twitter storm on Sunday with the hashtag “#WeWantToPlay” calling for the NFL to stop being dipshits and take this seriously so they can play safely. I actually think the maneuver was kinda brilliant. It unified the players under a hashtag that makes it clear that they do want sports to happen but draw attention to how the NFL’s actions will most likely lead to a season ending infection mess right before it even starts. I’m still personally under the belief that Football isn’t compatible with Covid and probably shouldn’t happen until the country genuinely starts to deal with it appropriately, but since that likely isn’t going to stop the money train from trying to get to the next station I appreciate the players exercising what little power they have to kick the league in the nuts.

I seriously considered ending the comic at #1000 half a year ago. I’m glad I decided to keep going. This is shaping up to be one hell of a memorable year in all sorts of ways.

Hey so my home is being used as a testing ground for terrifying police state fascist shit right now with federal troops literally kidnapping protesters and detaining them without warning and it is all kinds of supremely fucked up. It is, however, mostly concentrated around a couple of small separate city blocks and the rest of the city is fine. We aren’t “under siege” or some lawless mess like the conservative outlets/dipshit in charge are saying it is. They are lying to you. Even the burning of the PPA on Saturday Night was a very coordinated and controlled event by the folks who did it. I’m honestly real proud of of the Portland protesters. I’ve gone to some bike-oriented protests and some of the smaller ones near my neighborhood (though I’ve mostly followed them online because I’m still pretty anxious about the virus). What is happening now is terrifying.
If you want a good group of follows giving accurate and up to date reports, here’s a great list of follows. These people are usually there, in the mix, updating with feeds and updates and ways you can help if you are a resident like me.