I didn’t think it would happen. I figured Snyder would wallow and moan for a while until the discussion just moved on again but NOPE! IT HAPPENED! IT’S OVER! THE SKINS WILL RECEIVE NO MORE OFFICIAL HAILING. Unless I do a relevant historical comic, this is officially going to be the last “Redskins” comic. I can’t believe it.

They haven’t announced what the new name will be yet. Many have speculated the official preferred name was bought up by one of those copyright squatters. They probably have to clear it. I don’t have high hopes for the name and I’m expecting something generic like “Generals”. I will miss the name in that one single respect. It was unique. It wasn’t generic, and sports teams with less generic names are always a welcome change. Out of the options I’ve been seeing floated I personally really like Redwolves or Redtails. I’m surprised we don’t have a wolf team yet and Redwolves is unique enough to sound cool. Redtails would also offer pretty nice older jet imagery to play with for a logo and offer a bit of a nice nod to the Tuskegee Airmen. If there is a Native American theme that could use red but be a cultural homage/reference of some sort (that ISN’T offensive) I could also get behind that. What I absolutely do not want is a change of color scheme. The Washington Football Team has always had one of the best looks in the game. Burgundy and Gold needs to stay.

It also goes to show you that Snyder never gave much of a damn about the history or “honor” of the name. He cared about the brand until the brand officially became toxic enough to effect his pocketbook. We can point out that Nike and FedEx aren’t saints themselves but I thank them for finally forcing an overdue upgrade. I’m so happy to see Dan Snyder lose this fight after so many years of touting “tradition” and “honor” in the name, saying he’d never change it. He showed his true motives when in the farewell statement to the name, he listed pleasing his sponsors before fans. It was never about honor. It was never about the fans desires. You didn’t matter. The Native peoples didn’t matter. His pocketbook mattered. So fuck him, I’m glad we get a new name and Redskins goes down into history as the relic it deserves to be.

I do wish to say that despite being happy the name is changing and that Dan Snyder eats poop, I do have sympathy for the fans. Especially the longer tenured ones. As I said in the last post, I grew up in Skins territory and I understand how ingrained that name is to people, and how for most of the fanbase it was never a negative or derogatory term but only the name of their favorite team. Even all these years later after coming to terms with it as a slur I still use the name casually by accident sometimes, despite a conscious effort to stop. It’ll be the hardest for these folks to move on. They will still call them the Skins out of defiance. They will still proudly display their merchandise and wear the old brand to games and get-togethers. I won’t even judge them too harshly for it, even if I do believe they are wrong. But time will heal this. The younger generations are less tied to the name (especially since the Skins haven’t been worth a shit since the early 90’s) and I think in less than a decade people who still defiantly use Skins will be the rare relics of the fanbase. The weird uncles who have some stories but also kind of scare you.

Please not the Generals or another angry animal head. We are losing one of the more unique brands. Lets try to make it special, but now with less offensiveness.