Mark Sanchez is joining ESPN! He will be an analyst, which is the catch-all term for “guy they will randomly trot out for mostly pointless segments”. How exciting!

I’m pretty happy for him, honestly. Mark has always been extremely good on camera and I think he’ll be great on TV. He’s always come across in interviews as well spoken and he has a natural charisma and is very likeable. I legit think he’s a good hire. It’ll also be a great opportunity to keep the Buttfumble alive.

Part of me really wants to one day get Sanchez in a room and ask him about the Buttfumble to get his honest, candid answer. What does it feel like to be a part of NFL lore and history, but not for the reasons you’d want to be? This is one of those things that feels kind of impossible to really imagine unless you’ve been a part of it somehow. Sanchez would be a largely forgotten QB if it wasn’t for that play. He had a good run for a short period there but I doubt anyone but die-hards and Jets fans would really remember Sanchez in 10 years without it. But with it? Sanchez will be remembered forever. The highlight of that play became Not-Top 10 legend and had to be retired.

What is it like to be the butt of a legendary joke? Pun absolutely intended. Sanchez will forever have his name tied to an embarrassing blooper. That’s his mark on the sport. That’s his legacy. Is it exhausting? It has to be awful to know that anything he does will immediately be followed up with buttfumble cracks by everyone. Does it bother him? Has he largely come to terms with it? Has he learned to embrace it, to wear it like a set of armor? I hope he has, for his own sake.

I look forward to seeing him break stuff down. Maybe they can stick him in the booth to replace Booger. Please get rid of Booger.