So Andrew Luck’s first pass ever was a TD. Cue the hype. Nevermind that it was a tiny 5 yard dumpoff pass that Donald Brown took 70 yards against a terrible Rams defense in a meaningless preseason game. Everyone still went nuts. I saw an article somewhere calling Luck a hall of famer already. Comon, really?

Not to take anything away from Luck: he played well that day and made several more impressive throws. He looks legit. Of course, I want to present this statline:

14 of 19, 143 yards and 2 TDs, 0 INT.

That’s Ryan “biggest draft bust ever” Leaf in his first preseason game. We all know how that one turned out. So lets back off on Luck for now. Lets see how he does in the real 16 games.

I bet most of you probably expected a Chad Johnson joke. Sorry to disappoint. I did a Chad Johnson joke about a month back about him getting cut from the Pats, seemed pointless to do it again. Besides, everyone’s probably made enough jokes already. There is more to the NFL than Chad Johnson. But hey, because I love mocking people, I still made this:


HBO’s new spinoff of Hard Knocks