What a whirlwind of an offseason, man.

The Colts have decided to continue their speed dating approach to QBs and at this rate in 10 years they might deserve their own hydra. Andrew Luck died and since then it’s been one year of Jacoby Brissett, Philip Rivers, Carson Wentz, and now Matt Ryan. Ryan should theoretically stick around a bit longer than one year but Wentz was supposed to last year and whoopsie doodles on that one.

I feel like he’s probably got some juice left in the tank and won’t be a bad pickup. The Colts have a better roster than the Falcons do. But is anyone really thinking about Matt Ryan anymore? I feel like after the 28-3 season our collective respect for Matt Ryan has plunged into obscurity. Nobody will call him outright bad except like, Saints fans, but is anyone scared of him still? Might be a by-product of the Falcons being trash.

Anyway good for Indy and banner jokes will never stop being funny. According to sources, they still have that 2014 AFC Finalist banner hanging in the rafters. It was embarrassing enough to put it up there in the first place, but to not take it down after it became a laughing stock is certainly a choice. Maybe the guy who had to go up there to hang it quit, and they haven’t had any cause to hang a banner up there since, so they’ll never bother to take it down until they have to go back up.

Matt Ryan, one of the most whitebread-looking dudes in the league, is now a Colt. It got me thinking. What is the most whitebread NFL team? The whitest, most college prep ass franchise in the league? The Indianapolis Colts have to be up there. There’s nothing exotic or gungy about Indianapolis. The team is named for a small horse. Any midwestern franchise is probably a good candidate. The Titans? The Packers? The Vikings? Kirk Cousins is probably the most whitebread QB.