I love week 1. It’s always full of crazy nonsense that we can’t really parse yet because we still have no idea what teams are actually good or bad and what was a fluke. But even if the Bengals, Texans, and Colts are actually bad or just had bad days, it was a glorious day for terrible quarterbacking.

Andy Dalton was straight trash and might have actually been worse than Tolzien. But Tolzien threw 2 pick sixes (including one on his first pass) and got benched. Tom Savage, not to be outdone, also sucked and was benched. Twas glorious. I didn’t watch the Jets/Bills game, how did that disaster for first place look? Mike Glennon…actually wasn’t the worst.

The Colts are likely the worst off here. The Texans defense didn’t play well but I think they’ll still end up top 10. The Bengals offense is bad, but Dalton has shown he can be good with proper protection and better coaching. The Colts might not get Luck back for a while but even if they do…what else do they have? TY Hilton and….uh…the Corpse of Frank Gore I guess. Chuck Pagano is a joke and can’t even remember what team kicked his ass 20 minutes later. Luck, when he comes back, will probably have no protection, 1 weapon, and no defense to support him. The Colts lucked (heh) into one of the best QB prospects ever after a single bad year and have completely squandered him. Luck will have a mediocre, forgettable career because he’s the only real player of note on a shit team. What a waste.

Also: good for the Rams, looking like a real NFL team with a real coach. Goff was quite good.

Who do you think was the worst QB on Sunday?