First up: yes. I know they fired Joe Judge. No, Friday’s comic will not be about Joe Judge. Maybe next week if the wildcard games don’t have any drama. This is a bad time of year because a million things are happening at once and any comic I make will be outdated in 24 hours. I might get to the coach firings post-super bowl. If you need my thoughts on the matter, the TL:DR is that I am happy. I’d rather the team clean house and start fresh across the board than stick a new GM with Judge as a dead man walking and hope he improves far past what he’s shown so far.

For all the stuff that happened in week 18, the Colts absolutely shitting the bed against the Jaguars was probably the funniest. The Colts had it all and lost it all. They entered the final week in a win-and-in game against the team that will literally be picking first overall in the draft. A team that was so dreadful the fanbase has begun wearing clown makeup to cyberbully the owner into firing the GM. The Colts not only lost to this team, they got soundly demolished. It was pathetic.

And most of it came because of the very guy they hinged their future on. The Colts have been in QB limbo since Luck died. Jacoby Biscuits will never be more than a backup. They rented old man Rivers for a season and lost in the wildcard. The Colts have a good team, but the most important position was vacant. It honestly made some sense to flip some picks for a former MVP candidate who had his best season under the tutelage of the current Colts HC. Wentz wanted out of Philly, he’s still young, he still has the potential. Maybe Reich and the Colts could turn him around. Turns out…nope!

2017 has proven the anomaly for Wentz. He can make elite throws but outside Daniel Jones, there isn’t another QB in the league you can count on getting one laughable turnover per game. Wentz had probably the funniest turnover I saw all year against the 49ers. When that happened, I let out such a snort my sinus cavity rearranged. Wentz is Wentz. I don’t think he will elevate himself beyond being Carson Wentz. The Colts surged this year. They started weak but they put it together and they surged. I thought they were legitimately good. Wentz played long enough to bump the cost of the trade to a first-rounder, and then completely fell apart the instant it mattered.

Now the Dolts have no first-round pick. They don’t have any playoff games to look forward to. They have a big fat contract tied to the very guy who stuck them in that position. If Wentz had made the playoffs this might have been worth the cost. If Wentz didn’t cost so much it would be a passable mistake. This result is what happens when you gamble and you lose. One of the slower burn- self owns of the year, but a delightful one.

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