If you only read this comic and don’t follow my other work you might not know I’ve been doing a weekly cartoon feature for uproxx this NFL season. The gimmick is that I pick each game’s winner, and if I choose wrong, I have to draw something silly about it that I choose. Here are the results for week 5 and the predictions for week 6.

The reason I bring this up is because I did not pick a cartoon idea for the Colts winning. In fact, here are my exact words:
Deflategate revenge game. This will be the football equivalent of Hiroshima on Indianapolis.
The Colts are not going to win.

This is going to be like watching footage of a terrible disaster as it unfolds live. Can you imagine how pumped Tom Brady is for this game? Can you imagine how badly the Patriots want to stick it to the Colts for that offseason madness? I thought this would be a 30 point game when the season started and I thought the Colts were still good. Now the Colts don’t even look that good, certainly not the playoff threat they were last season. This is going to be slaughter. It should be rated TV-MA and air on HBO where small children can’t watch.

The last time I saw Brady truly angry was two years ago, against the 49ers. The 49ers went up something like 30 points by the 3rd quarter thanks to Patriots miscues and mistakes, plus at that point the 49ers were still a good team. Then something happened. Brady turned into a monster. He led the Patriots back like an unstoppable force. The 49ers eventually won anyway thanks to a late TD but to this day I still remember that game because that quarter and a half of football is literally the best I have ever seen a Quarterback play, ever. I can still see how utterly furious and determined Brady looked. That quarter of play by Brady is my gold standard of QB play. I will judge all great performances by that all too brief display.

I hope that we get that Brady for a full game on Sunday. This game is a lost cause for the Colts, so I want to see peak Brady. I don’t even like the Patriots and I want to see the slaughter. I want it to be as gory as possible. I want Brady to set single game records in yards, TDs, completion percentage, every single game passing record you can imagine. I want it to be like looking into the sun, it hurts so bad just to peek. I want to see Jim Irsay cry on live television. I want the football version of the prom in Carrie with Tom Brady as Carrie. I want blood. The Colts are boned anyway, so lets make it a goddamn show. Let’s see the master work his masterpiece against the team that caused him so much grief.

Then the Pats can go and lose next week so we can cool it with the undefeated talk that’s already sprung up.