That catch by Cleveland TE Gary Barnidge was pretty damn great. Best catch of the year. I had no idea who Gary Barnidge even was before that play. It was also very much luck.

There are two types of insane catches in the NFL really. Skill catches and gonzo catches. OBJ’s catch was a skill catch. One hand, all effort by the receiver, just an incredible athletic play. The Barnidge catch was a gonzo catch, in that it was more luck over skill. Bounced just the right way and the receiver managed to get a hold of it. Gonzo catches are flukey but probably my favorite. Terrell Suggs had his gonzo thigh catch last year, and that Jermaine Kearse catch in the Super Bowl was a gonzo catch (with a little skill). The Immaculate reception was a gonzo catch, Franco was in the right place at the right time to make the play.