The oldest man in the league finally hangs em high. After he spent 2019 kicking rather poorly, getting surgery and then not seeing the field at all in 2020, this shouldn’t be a surprise. But it is still the end of an era. Tom Brady gets all the press for being the reigning old fart of the league but until this moment, it was actually good old Adam. Adam tackled Herschel Walker once. In 1996. Adam Vinatieri’s first Super Bowl was the Patriots loss to Green Bay. That Super Bowl is legitimately one of my first true complete football memories. I can only picture small snippets of football before that game. He’s the only player who was left who you could argue was a pre-911 quantity. Tom was on the Pats before 9/11 but nobody knew who he was until Bledsoe went down on the 23rd, so unless you were a Michigan fan, Tom Brady is a post-9/11 player. Adam is from the before times.

And now he’s gone. Farewell to a true legend.

Is Adam Vinatieri a hall of famer? Fuck yes he is. I cannot possibly see an argument that he shouldn’t be. He’s arguably the greatest kicker of all time. He has scored more points than any other player in NFL history (2,673). On top of being such a stud for so long, he’s made some of the most iconic kicks in the history of the sport. He’s one of the few kicker’s who’s defining moments aren’t misses. Think about that. Gary Anderson? One of the best kickers in history, yet people only know the NFCCG shank. John Carney? His miss after the River City Relay is his big moment. Adam Vinatieri has at least 3 iconic kicks. The Tuck Rule kick in the snow to beat the Raiders and Super Bowls 36 and 38’s gamewinners. You could argue he also won SB 39, as the Patriots defeated the Eagles by a field goal. He then went to Indianapolis after 10 full years in New England and won another Super Bowl. He spent 14 years in Indy. He holds the record for most consecutive field goals in history at 44. He did this at (I believe) age 43.

If you are one of those “kickers don’t belong in the hall” you can get right the fuck outta here and go jump in a volcano. Dude is a legend and deserves his bust.