Voluntary camps are currently underway and I’ve already started to see some of the usual suspects. The longer you pay attention to the annual cycle the more patterns start to show themselves, and the fact that everyone seems to have a great training camp is one of them.

It’s honestly kind of charming how every team has a great training camp. There’s never much issue. You’ll get a report of a fight now and then, but in general, all the beat reporters just go in and tell you how great the team is coming along. Everyone is in great shape! The best shape of their careers, even! That guy who had a debilitating ACL tear last year? He looks sharp in practice! Your QB? He looks so on point you don’t even know. He just hit your rookie/free agent weapon pickup for a deep touchdown on the sideline! Coach is just thrilled with how everything is coming along and everyone is getting it. Hey, even that guy nobody thought about is occasionally making plays. Maybe he’ll make the final roster!

It’s easy to read all the training camp reports and get hyped up for the future. It’s hard to not get pumped up because the reports basically all tell you exactly what you want to hear. The team is gelling. Things are working. Players are improving. It won’t be for a while that the reality that most of our teams will be mediocre or garbage will hit. The bliss of spring and summer blinds us to our faults, and I’m not complaining. It’s nice to look at the team and hope. Something has to go really wrong for a bad report to come out of camp.

Just once though it would be delightful if a reporter came back from a camp and just exclaimed that the team looks like trash and is destined for a rough time. It would never happen, part of these stories is just team PR sent through beat reporters who know they’ll lose privilege if they go against the grain too much but man would it be delicious if we could have the perfect storm of a disaster team being reported on by a jaded reporter who just wants out. Could be a fun couple of days in the news cycle.