It’s like clockwork. Every year we finally get camp back, and a bunch of people go down in those first two weeks. So far we’ve lost Jalen Ramsey, Joe Burrow, Tim Patrick, Zach Moss, Kenneth Walker, Trai Turner, plus many lesser famed players, to injuries that will take them all out for varying amounts of time. Kadarious Toney is also hurt, but that’s to be expected. I saw someone on reddit call him Injuriuos Proney and from now on that’s his name to me.

Probably just the nature of the beast, really. The first two weeks back to get in shape after a long period away is probably going to have an impact. Everyone is rusty. Even the people who have done well to keep in shape are probably rusty. Contact starts back up and takes a toll. We are but squishy meat sacks held together with complex biology and prayers and our time on this earth is limited.

The two big-name injuries so far are Ramsey and Burrow. I think Burrow will be fine. A calf strain isn’t too bad. Ramsey though? Ramsey’s already close to the end of the usual shelf life for a cornerback and I think we’ve seen the end of great Ramsey. Big blow to a Dolphins team paying good sums of money to compete in a ruthless division.

It doesn’t feel like there is a game this weekend, but there technically is. The Hall of Fame Game always sneaks up on you. I guess we are almost out of the pit of despair and loathing and back to our favorite drug.