Well, gotta reset the Beason clock

JPP never struck me as the smartest guy on the team but this is a new one. Fireworks accident, huh? Thankfully it doesn’t seem serious, some burns and maybe slight nerve damage in one finger. That’s no big deal to a D-lineman. You can always tell a guy who played pro football on the line because they will have at least 3 fingers that point the wrong direction. So he’ll be fine, but man, he’s dumb. Got franchise tagged, Giants gave him an offer he refused to sign, but now after this mistake he has basically two options: Sign the franchise tender and make much less money than he would have, or sit all year. Well it’s not like he can sign the thing now anyway.

Edit: HE HAD HIS RIGHT INDEX FINGER AMPUTATED LOL. GUESS IT WAS A BIG DEAL. Although some say he did it to get back on the field faster.

I’d say I feel bad for him but…I kinda don’t. Treat fireworks with respect and maybe you won’t lose out on millions because you’re an idiot.