So there was football on this weekend. I know, right? I watched the whole game, too. I remember exactly one play. I also remember Kyle Orton getting pulled after one series, depriving us of the redneck drunk TD passing we all so desired. But whatever. Football is sort of back, folks. This is our quick fix, designed to feed us, tease us, before the main event. It gives us part of what we want, but not in a satisfying way, it leaves us wanting more. Preseason you tease. I dish on preseason a lot because it’s the cool thing to do but even I have to admit it, I’m addicted, and seeing football, even boring, forgettable football, on my TV on a Sunday night…was kind of wonderful.

Anyway, while the starters in preseason try very very little, the most entertainment usually comes from the later halves, when the teams put in all the nameless 3rd and 4th stringers who are trying to make the team. Boy, do they give it their all, too. One makes an interception or two and you know that guy made the team. You might even convince yourself he’s a future star (There are probably others, but the only name I remember being big in a preseason game and actually turning into a star was Victor Cruz, and it took him another year to do it).

Conversely, when you see one of those nobodies make a mistake, like fumbles, it’s like you are watching them get cut. It’s disturbingly compelling. But regardless, the nobodies/rookies always try really hard and it’s fun to watch a bunch of lesser players with such gusto flop on each other. It’s the redeeming quality of Preseason ball.