Comic 600! Hooray milestones! 600 comics and only like 25% of them are bad puns. I might do another advanced statistics look at the DP again, like I did for comic 300, just to see what’s interesting.

First off, even if you hate the New York Giants, you should be thanking the New York Giants, because if they had not beaten Dallas week one and week 14, the level of insane hype that would be occurring right now would be off the charts. The height of the Seahawks bandwagon would look like chump change. The Patriots fans outcry over deflategate would be laughable, as well as their 2007 hype. If Dallas was undefeated right now, the NFL would be insufferable, and you know it. It was bad enough with an 11 game win streak. It would be a war between Cowboys fans and everyone else. When the Giants beat them last Sunday, I went for a walk the next day in a NYG hoodie and had a startling amount of people yell “Go Giants!” at me. America hates America’s team, unless they are already a fan. So yeah, even if you hate the Giants, remind yourself what could have been if Eli wasn’t so good at ruining perfect team dreams.

Probably the best part of the win on Sunday night (An ugly, terrible game for Dak) was that it seems to instigate the civil war that was brewing among the fanbase between fans of the 2 Quarterbacks. Quarterback controversies are the best, aren’t they? Team Dak was riding high on a rookie who seemingly couldn’t lose and was getting better each week, leading the team to levels it had literally never reached before (11 win streak). Team Romo hung back, interjecting an argument when they could in the nicest way, trying to argue that maybe they were okay sticking with Dak, but they still thought Romo was better. Then Dak lost, Team Romo had it’s foothold, and the blood began to be shed.

It doesn’t really matter who you think is better or who should lead the Boys at this point, because no matter what, as long as the Cowboys don’t win the Super Bowl this season, the rest of us win. Especially if it’s a mid-playoff exit. If the Cowboys stick with Dak, and he loses in the playoffs (especially if he plays like Sunday Dak), Team Romo is going to shit itself yelling about how Romo should have been leading the team, how Romo would have won it. If Romo gets the start, and he loses, Team Dak is going to gloriously rampage about how Romo was always a choker and Dak could have been the first rookie to do it. All while the rest of us sit back and laugh. So I hope the Cowboys get upset in the divisional round as the #1 seed, because that would be maximum hilarity.

Here’s to another 600!