It’s kind of amazing when you watch Brock Osweiler and realize that the Texans might have been legit better off with Brandon Weeden at QB. The Texans are a team that would be a top AFC contender if they had a Quarterback worth literally half of what Brock Osweiler is getting paid. His best game this year (last week in Lambeau) was 2 TDs and 200 yards. He ranks at or near the bottom of every meaningful QB stat. Watching him is an exercise in frustration because it feels like even I could hurl it to Nuk and get a completion more frequently. Hell, it worked for Hoyer and Weeden in 2015, who combined for slightly better QB play.

I feel a sort of kinship with the Texans fans because the Giants have basically the same problems.  Both teams have an excellent defense that is even better than people might have expected. Both teams have an amazing #1 WR. The Texans have a better line and an actual running game, but the Giants have a QB who can actually get the WR the ball, so it’s kind of a wash. I don’t know what the Texans do with Giraffe Man after this season. They seem committed to him now and won’t give Tom Savage a start, nor Weeden, who’s still there. I have a feeling we’d have seen both by now if the Texans had a crap defense and weren’t constantly keeping it close with teams. If they do start getting blown out I might actually be curious if Savage gets in for a bit.

The Texans are probably going to win the AFCS and will probably go 1 and done unless they face another team without a big offense, like the Chiefs or the Ravens. I’m personally rooting for the Titans because I love me some Marcus Mariota exotic smashmouth but really I’d be happy if the Colts simply don’t make it because I’m very well sick of the Colts.

One last bit of fun: Brock is technically the first Texans QB to ever sweep the Colts, so that’s kind of hilarious.

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