I’m a very strong believer in nurture over nature and how that particular argument also works in other capacities like organized sports. I firmly believe that most players will be successful if they end up in an environment that supports them, and most players have simply not been lucky enough to have this happen. Not entirely unfairly, as there are so many moving parts to this system that would have to fall into place for a player to end up successful outside his own drive. Tim Tebow is a great example. Tim could have potentially been a good QB with lots of success if he went to a team dedicated to building around him and using him right. It worked in Florida because that is exactly what they did. It did not work anywhere else because it is far more difficult to build teams like that in the NFL. You have old legacy players, the salary cap, coaches who may be at odds with less control, people who didn’t want Tebow around…and of course Tebow’s own limitations. Sometimes it might simply be a good personality match that makes something work.

What I’m saying is that draft busts do not happen in a vacuum and I’ve always felt bad mocking players for that. David Carr wasn’t a great football player and had a pretty sad career overall, but he simply didn’t get dealt a good hand. In his inaugural season, the first season in the existence of the Houston Texans, he was sacked 72 times. That is still the record. It’s impossible to be a good QB if you are getting taken out that much, and nobody gets taken out that much through only their own play. Carr also still owns the #3 slot as well, with 68 sacks in 2005.

Two of Carr’s lineman in 2002 were rookies. Chester Pitts seems like the best one and was the 3rd draft pick ever by the Texans. Fred Weary was the 4th draft pick in Texans history. A former 7th round pick named Ryan Young was the tackle opposite Pitts and his career page doesn’t inspire much. DeMingo Graham and Steve McKinney round out the line. If you remember any of these people I’d be surprised. All Carr had to throw to was 2nd ever Texans draft pick Jabar Gaffney. You might remember Jabar Gaffney as one of the benchwarmers on the 2007 Pats.  They were coached by Dom Capers, the defensive guy Packers fans wanted fired for years in recent seasons. The 2002 team had 2 pro-bowlers, both on defense. This was a very uninspiring team and Carr never really had much chance.

I doubt we will ever find out his true feelings, but I wonder how Carr feels about all this stuff. What it was like to be the face of a franchise that didn’t exist before him, to try and replace the franchise stolen away. I never see Carr get talked about these days, and I wonder what Texans fans think of him overall. Do you think he got a raw deal or that it was mostly due to him being garbage?

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