Don’t tell me this wouldn’t be a better statue.

The Panthers should 100% make a statue of Steve Smith. Just give him one of his angry man poses between the panthers and you got yourselves a monument everybody would love.

The Jerry Richardson statue is gone. The public claim the Panthers made is that they saw how plenty of monuments made of shitty, racist people are currently being torn down and vandalized by protestors, and they realized their own egotistical statue of a piece of shit disgraced billionaire was ripe for some justice so they removed it “for safety”. Good. I doubt the statue goes back up. When David Tepper bought the team keeping the statue was part of the deal he had to make. He didn’t want the statue, he just had to live with it as part of the deal. I even made a comic about it. 

This was probably the best excuse he could get to actually just take it down without penalty. Blaming the protesters potential for vandalism would be a great way to sneak his real agenda through the only people who might object. There was even a story on ESPN that Richardson has basically moved on. Two years down the road Jerry’s stubborn attempt to leave a gaudy monument to himself as a legacy just isn’t as important. Good. The statue was weird and creepy. The panthers had balls. I’d be okay if they kept the panthers though, they are kinda unique and badass. Also balls are funny.

But seriously make a statue of Steve Smith. Dude is a fucking legend and deserves to be immortalized.


Hey, while you’re here, sign this petition to tell the KKK to go fuck itself! It will take you 15 seconds.
Also here’s a good petition to try and get justice for the Ahmaud Arbrey, the black man who was chased and gunned down by racists.
I know signing petitions doesn’t really mean a whole lot, but it means more than doing nothing and it won’t take up much of your day. #BlackLivesMatter