So I was alerted to a little story this past week about the Panthers. I didn’t know this, but there is a statue of Jerry Richardson and two panthers outside BoA Stadium.

It’s…creepy. The panthers are actually pretty frightening. They are fairly detailed and they aren’t cartoony fun sportz panthers like the logo, but hyper scary panthers with super muscles and pretty intense faces. Especially the pouncing one. If I was a kid this statue would frighten me. As an adult it’s pretty impressive but seems off, somehow inappropriate. Probably because instead of just being a couple of badass creepy panthers, Jerry Richardson is standing in the middle holding out a football like a god handing you a starting weapon in a video game.

It is one hell of a little ego monument. LOOK AT ME, I BROUGHT YOU FOOTBALL, CAROLINA. WORSHIP ME. It might have been okay if Richardson was dead, or retired, but he wasn’t. He had this out in front of the stadium before he was even disgraced. That’s pretty tacky. Now that he is disgraced and has been forced to sell the team, it’s a further monument to his tainted legacy. And the asshole actually stuck it in his sale contract that the statue has to stay. What an ego on that guy.

Anyway I’m sure the Panthers will figure something out. David Tepper and his big ol’ brass balls are bound to find a solution.  I would be in favor of gluing Tepper’s infamous brass balls to Jerry’s forehead. Make the sexual harasser have a statue of himself getting forever sexually harassed. I love ironic punishments.

It is kind of ironic now…you see the panthers in the statue first, but then you realize the worst predator is in the middle.