I don’t know if any story line better represents how football has kind of gone from fun to dark and depressing in recent years like the downfall of Kellen Winslow.

Football used to be so fun. Everything was fun. Sure there were bad dudes sometimes, but football was still generally goofy and silly and offseason stories were about Gronk partying too much and stuff like that. Now everything is so goddamn depressing. CTE. Sexual assault. Domestic violence. Politics at the forefront instead of a side discussion. It just feels like everything that happens now is the kind of thing that is just a severe bummer. Brandon Browner attempted some murder. LeSean McCoy may have sent goons to assault an ex-girlfriend. Marcell Dareus possibly gave a woman an STD. This was all in this past week. We can’t even get a plain old DUI of a player hitting a telephone pole, he has to possibly kill a woman now.

And Kellen Winslow, good freaking god. I still remember the Boston Market Masturbation story. It was amazing. He was jerking it in a Target parking lot and said he was looking for Boston Market. Then BM dunked on him in one of the great displays of corporate branding slam dunks. That tweet is still up. It never got enough love.

Now we find out Kellen Winslow is Darren Sharper levels of monster, possibly worse. Well that fun story about jerk’n the gerkin at Target is suddenly a dark foreboding indicator of how messed up the dude is. Dude is charged with raping old women, kidnapping, burglary, indecent exposure, sodomy…and some more rape, of an underage girl. Dude could potentially be serving life in prison. If even half of the charges leveled against him are true he’s a terrible person.