One of the things I didn’t really appreciate when the Giants were middling to playoff contenders was how you don’t constantly have to field the same questions from randos. They’d happen, sure, but it was never all that bad and certainly not as irritating. I have found a new respect for fans of perpetual or somewhat substantial dumpster fires. It is very irritating to basically have every other football fan under the sun talk to you about the same crap over and over.

Every person who kind of follows football and who knows I am a Giants fan has essentially asked me about this. It’s gotten to the point where I have shared my opinion on the Giants offseason moves enough times that I’d rather talk about literally any other team. Lets talk about the Bengals. What’s going on there? They seem like they’ve got issues. No, I am not happy the Giants drafted Daniel Jones. I have no real opinion on how I expect him to do because I haven’t seen the dude play professional football yet. Yes, I am unhappy we traded Beckham. Can we move on now? I’ve got preseason to be depressed about.

The worst part is par for the course with these types of things: everyone else has only talked to you about it. You have had the misfortune of talking to everyone else. When that guy I see once a year at a party I’m not even that interested in being at asks me for my Beckham thoughts, it’s because I’m the source of conversation. But I’ve had to deal with a hundred of him asking the same thing. Social interaction is garbage let’s lock everyone in Matrix-tubes and only allow us to communicate through memes.