Apparently Antonio Brown did not use proper footwear in one of those fancy rich athlete cryo-chambers and got frostbite on his feet. That’s such a diva WR thing to do. Brown probably thought he was too good for the right footwear. Maybe he couldn’t see his footwear underneath his big chest. Anyway I didn’t realize how cold those cyro-chambers actually got. It’s like a hot tub, but the opposite. …fun?

Have any of you ever used one of these things? Is it stupid? Does it work?

Freezing your feet off in a cryo-chamber is some serious 1%er dumb shit. “How did you hurt your feet, Antonio?” “well, I was standing in my $600,000 FreezePod-5000 just having a good time and then my pinkie toe broke off and I realized whoopsie, forgot my slippers!”.  Maybe next time he can use the cryo-chamber to freeze off his mustache. What if we used the chamber to freeze him like it’s carbonite, keep him in the pod Walt-Disney style, then thaw him out in 10 years when the current contracts for WRs make his look puny and pathetic. Then we can watch him throw another fit to get paid. Force a trade to the Montreal Buccaneers.

Side note: I wonder how grossed out Rex Ryan was every time he went to a locker room. No shame in liking feet, but if you like feet, athletes are probably the absolute worst turn-offs. Have you ever seen athlete feet? Look at this horror show. Those are LeToes. Athletes pound their feet very hard and they are all exceptionally gross. Toes going under other toes. Callouses as far as the socks can reach. Athlete feet are disgusting.

By the time you read this the first episode of Hard Knocks should be out so please come back with your watch reports.