I like the Texans new alternate helmet. We needed another entry into the exclusive club of horny helmets. I wish it was the official new helmet and not an alternate that we will barely see. Next step is getting a horny helmet from the Bills. Buffalo have horns. The logo has a horn. Get me more horns. MORE HORNY.

Now that the NFL is allowing different helmets I think we have a golden opportunity to try some new stuff like the Texans Horns. Helmets are an interesting canvas and to be honest pretty much all the best helmets in the league are the ones that do something unique with the template instead of slap the logo on the side. The Eagles wings, the Browns lack of any decal, the horny teams, the Steelers only putting the helmet on one side. This is a chance to get weird.

Matte helmets have become a thing and I don’t personally like it but I’m glad they are trying it. The Jaguars two-tone helmet was a disaster but it was a disaster of execution, not of concept. Maybe the best-looking football helmet I’ve ever seen is this Navy helmet. That helmet is so good it makes me mad. There are a lot of teams that could absolutely experiment with a look like that and have it work. I think the Jets, Giants, Saints, and the Titans are all potential spots to try something out. We don’t need the stripe down the middle of every helmet. We don’t need every helmet to be one solid color. We could give some helmets more unique decals. Why can’t SF have a pickaxe or something. Why can’t the Patriots play with a Red/White/Blue theme?  Why can’t we replace the Dallas Cowboys star with a poop emoji? I just want to see some new ideas thrown around.