Where the hell did Liberty Mutual come from?

I’d never even heard of them until a few years ago and suddenly football ad breaks, youtube midrolls, and more were just flooded with Liberty Mutual ads, and the tide has not receeded. And I hate all of them. The only one I thought was kinda funny was the very first Liberty Bibberty one with the actor who keeps flubbing the lines. Then this past year they even managed to ruin that by bringing him back for a new role in the Emu ad campaign. I fucking despise all of them. Why do insurance companies have extended storylines and universes now? Have you ever dealt with an insurance company for a claim? It’s enough to convince you that every company should be boiled in an acid vat.

While 99% of insurance ad campaigns are vile filth that would be first against the wall if I ever gained tyrannical levels of power, Liberty Mutual’s blitzkrieg of ads has firmly placed them at #1 worst for the time being. Geico can be occasionally off the wall or harmless, State Farm depends completely on what NFL player they’ve hired having on-camera charisma (Mahomes does, Rodgers did not), Nationwide has thankfully faded into the background without Peyton, Farmers exists, and Progressive just kinda sucks. But Liberty Mutual, man. It takes a lot of effort to come up with such an inspired idea of having an Emu (an inherently funny bird) and make you want to gouge your eyes out anyway.

The worst part is that they’ve effectively already won. The goal with this crap is mostly to make you aware of them as a company. If you talk about them, the advertising worked. Liking the ad is secondary to that goal.

Anyway thank you for reading The Draw Play, the only football blog that dares to ask the question: how can we relate football to the Emu war.