So my pick for worst commercial ad campaign of 2018 is easily the Aaron Rodgers Agents State Farm ads. Just woeful and painful to watch.

The whole bit is built on garbage ground. HE’S A SPORTS AGENT…BUT HE DOESN’T GET THAT INSURANCE AGENTS ARE A THING. COMEDY! It’s incredibly weak and all it does is make for tediously painful commercials. Not one instance of the comedy has landed. I don’t know anyone who finds them funny. I’m not sure how you can. I hope whatever marketing director came up with this one either wasn’t trying or got fired.

What is it with insurance companies and finding a gimmick to run into the ground? All of them do it. Nationwide is on like the 4th year of of Peyton Manning and that stupid jingle, and that campaign has gotten arguably worse than Rodgers and State Farm (They are like 1a and 1b in terms of terrible). Peyton singing the jingle was cute. Now the gimmick is dead, LETS BRING IN BRAD PAISLEY. State Farm generally has been inoffensive with Rodgers at the helm. I actually applaud the person who came up with Discount Double Check. They took Rodgers signature celebration and managed to successfully rebrand it to their company with a catchy nickname. That was a stroke of marketing genius. Since then they’ve come up with a different ad campaign with Rodgers every year, ranging from incredibly forgettable (Rodgers and Teammate of Choice see damage to thing) to pandering (the SNL PAWMP U AWP guys) to mildly charming (Discount Double Check stuff). But this new thing with the agent, it’s just trash.

The sad thing is there could be decent comedy to squeeze out of this premise, which I sadly came up with after already completing most of this comic. If you are going to go with the gimmick of an agent not understanding the existence of another agent, instead of rehashing the same gag of “SPORTS GUY DOESN’T GET IT AND SEES INSURANCE DUDE AS COMPETITION” bring in more types of agents. What happens if Aaron Rodgers has a real estate agent who freaks out over the sports agent and state farm agent? What about a ticket agent at a box office? What about a government secret agent? What if we have a commercial where State Farm guy and Rodgers get gassed out of jealously by Agent Orange?

All of this would have made a way better comic goddamn I’ve failed you all.