In these trying times we need to re-adjust our lives and our expectations. Contact with other humans is now dangerous, and can not be allowed. Therefore we must further adjust our heroes and our legends. No longer will tough tacklers be idolized and celebrated. We must embrace the space-creators, the distance generators, the juke artists. Social Distance is our new hero. Let us honor these monumental icons of our time.

Barry Sanders, a man almost allergic to being tackled, ran like oil avoiding water. A master ahead of his time.
Deion Sanders, a man who always thought about the economy, and made intelligent business decisions.
Aaron Rodgers, a man who understood the need to avoid family at all costs, lest our love for blood relatives cause our downfall.
Antonio Brown, who learned the fastest way to flatten the curve was to make sure no one would touch you to begin with.

But these are just a few of our new overlords. We should idolize more than just these 4 men. Who else deserves our worship?

Secretariat, a horse so determined to live that no one could ever catch it
Usain Bolt, the human version of Secretariat
Basically any baseball outfielder
Steph Curry, a man who knows that most contact happens within 30 feet of the basket and thus chooses to never get that close
Bill O’Brien, who smartly sends all important players very far away from him, just to be safe
JPP, who knows that hands are the most vulnerable points of contact
Basically anyone who does Fencing, a sport about dressing up in hazmat suits and masks and being touched causes you to lose

Who else do you nominate to be our GSDOAT’s?