Though as I write this JuJu hasn’t actually signed anywhere yet, meaning there is still a very small chance I am soon revealed to be booboo the fool, he has informed his Steelers teammates he plans to sign elseware and becomes the latest in a long line of Steelers #1 WRs who left Pittsburgh at their peak to go squander their talents somewhere else.

EDIT: Juju you fuck

First up: Santonio Holmes. Legend. Etched his name in football lore with arguably the greatest toe tap TD in NFL history to win Super Bowl 43. However, he had a little legal trouble and the Steelers, well known for their strong morals on crimes other than rape, shipped him to the New York Jets in 2010 for a measly 5th round pick (which in turn eventually turned into another pick, which became Antonio Brown). Holmes played alright for the Jets during their strong Sanchez years, but never lived up to that hype.

The Steelers didn’t miss him, because now they had Mike Wallace. Drafted in 2009, now it was his time to shine. Shine he did. Mike Wallace was pretty good, and anyone from that time might remember the Mike Wallace hype train. He helped lead the team to Super Bowl 45 and then he decided to hold out for a new contract. He did not get it, became a free agent, and left. Mike Wallace was never very good again.

The Steelers did not miss him. They had Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown. Sanders left for the Broncos in free agency in the mid-2000’s but the Steelers were fine letting him go because Antonio Brown was becoming Antonio Brown. Brown was quiet and exemplary. He was the opposite of these needy divas like Holmes or Wallace. Brown was a good boy, set on being the best boy. You could tell the Steelers thought differently of Brown, because they actually paid the guy to have him stick around.

At least, until he turned into the worst diva of all time and demanded more money, then a trade, and left Pittsburgh in a frustrated hole. It was okay though, because now they had JuJu Smith-Schuster, who was rapidly approaching Brown’s abilities without any of the drama! Juju was great! Then he started dancing on the logos of other teams, cursing them all, and has said he will leave in free agency.

Will the Steelers miss him? Probably not, because now they have Chase Claypool. I don’t know how the fuck Pittsburgh keeps doing this. Does Ben deserve all the credit for these studs? He probably deserves some of it, but this is really weird. The Steelers have casually drafted all these dudes in the 2nd round and below (except Holmes, a 1st rounder) and they would be the main piece of most other teams over the time span that they existed as a Yinzer. They keep pulling these #1 WR talents out of a damn hat. I would take Chase Claypool over anyone currently on the Giants. I would take any of these guys over any of the WRs the Giants have drafted in the past decade except OBJ. How do the Steelers keep doing this?

I look forward to when Chase inevitably turns into a dipshit (he kind of already is) and goes somewhere else to wallow in mediocrity while Pittsburgh replaces him with some doofus from the 4th round who catches 9 touchdowns and 1400 yards.