Shout-out to Urinating Tree, the youtuber who as far as I know invented the “Days of our Steelers” joke to describe the absurd drama that the team has suffered these past two years. If he didn’t, he’s at least where I saw it first. He’s also funny, so if you like hearing someone just shit on sports teams he might be worth your views.

I was all pumped to make a Brown to the Bills related joke but then he went and got traded Sunday morning and ruined all my fun. So for that Brown can suck a lemon.

This whole damn thing is going to have major impacts down the line. Antonio Brown basically acted like a giant baby, threw a fit, tanked his trade value to the point where the Steelers had to ship him off for cheap and get hit with a huge dead money impact. Brown played his hand and got…everything he wanted. His petulant whining worked. The Steelers got completely fucked. I think they got fucked worse than anybody expected. Well, if you hate the Steelers, at least this Sunday was one of your better days.

But it really does make you wonder what this is going to do for future negotiations and the next CBA. It feels like we might be headed for a lockout. It also feels like this is going to be a major point of contention. Brown essentially won. He used his value as a player to intentionally tank himself to get out of a contract and situation he wasn’t happy with, and into one where is apparently should be better off. It was about guaranteed money. This, along with Kirk Cousins and LeVeon Bell, shows how much the players are starting to fight for something the NFL has always been reluctant to give. With how Brown just fleeced the Steelers, you can’t help but wonder how hard the owners are going to push back in the future. Players, meanwhile, are seeing what they could do to earn what they feel they deserve. We are heading into a battle.

Plenty of people are happy a player actually managed to beat the system that screws players so hard and earn what he deserved. It’s certainly a positive way to look at it. I want players to get paid better and I’m all for more guarantees, but I’m worried this mess will end up hurting that goal in the long run since for the most part the owners still have all the power and this nonsense has to make them irritated with the precedent it could set.

So what about the teams involved? The Steelers get a 3rd, a 5th, and a massive dead money problem. They unquestionably got tanked. The Raiders didn’t even have to give up a 1st rounder, of which they have 3. They also got a 30 year old diva who after this past season has shown everyone what a baby he is. But he should sell some jerseys and get some attention and tickets sold for a team currently involved in a full rebuild and who is moving soon. This was a big win for the Raiders. If Brown gets shitty in the next two seasons (we have to assume he will, right?) at least the Raiders should be in a better position to tell him to screw off. I’m excited to see him face Jon Gruden. Gruden already had a famous spat with another diva WR in Tampa named Keyshawn Johnson. Johnson got shut down and sent home for half a season, just one year after he helped win a Super Bowl. Gruden vs Brown aught to be fun.

So for now the Brown drama is finally over and we can look forward to free agency and more bullshit Odell Beckham trade rumors.

Lastly, I know Brown no longer has the lego haircut and has a stupid blonde mustache, but lego haircut Antonio Brown is my favorite Antonio Brown, so he stays lego man forever.