So despite the fact that I think the original two comics look terrible (Even by my standards) the “Cry Me a Rivers” comics remain fairly popular among the fanbase, and I think the second one is one of the funnier comics I’ve made. So because I am the Hollywood of football comics, I decide I cannot leave well enough alone and now I’ve made a sequel no one asked for to a Comic everyone already thought was great. I brought back most of the original cast (JP Losman asked for too much screentime, so we dumped him and hired Trent Dilfer and Joe Flacco) and repackaged the same joke for the ignorant masses to consume. Muahahahaha

I wait patiently for the forum threads about how I just ruined the original and wrecked your childhoods. On the plus side, the bigger budget meant that this comic looks much prettier than the last ones.


Also apparently winning Supebowl rings gives you super powers. That makes Joe Montana into Galactus or something.